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You have stumbled across the cyberworld of Bita, a mysterious place inhabited by intelligent digital creatures known as ibbits. In its heyday Bita was a bustling cyberplace filled with countless cities, peoples, and amazing sights. However, this was before the great calamity known as the Crash. Vast regions of Bita are now glitched, its inhabitants' values nulled.
Only one city, Bita's capitol, was spared. Things are stable for now, but no one can venture outside of the city's outskirts. And the worst part is that there are all these ibbits who have lost their memories or have even been reverted to babies! Good news is that with your help we can rebuild the world by collecting snippets, pieces of code that are scattered about. You can even adopt a nulled ibbit and raise it so that it can thrive and re-discover its personality. We can rebuild Bita piece by piece, snippet by snippet, with your help. Start your adventure in the cyberworld of Bita today!
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Please welcome the newest citizen of Bita, Lathyrus!