(Not-so) Weekly Check-in: September 7th, 2020

Vote for your favorite Spirit Hunt 2020 team names!

As you may have noticed, there is a poll up for the Spirit Hunt 2020 team names! We had a ton of great suggestions! Thank you so much to everyone that submitted an idea. I had to narrow them down a bit to ones that I knew that I can make badges and items for and I combined some that were similar. Please vote for your favorites! You can vote once per day so if there are multiple options that you like, feel free to vote for them all. The poll closes at midnight on the 20th of this month, so make sure to get your votes in by then. I coded a new poll system so if you notice any glitches or anything weird with it, please let me know!

Loose Journal Page Entry #6 is out!

Entry #6 is now available for your ibbit to find! Once again, Brennan had it written up a while ago but it took me a while to get it edited. I'll attempt to keep the schedule more even going forward. I don't want to leave you all on a cliffhanger, after all.

Glitch Fixes

I haven't been able to work on the site as much as I'd hoped lately, but I have fixed a few glitches! Most of them are ones that you all have posted on the Minor Issues and Glitches topic on the forums. There are still a few I'm looking into/and or need more info on but the site is getting better bit by bit!

In conclusion...

Sorry the updates have been coming more slowly than I thought. I'm currently job hunting which has been taking a lot of my focus. I'm hoping my search will be...
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Weekly Check-In: August 16th, 2020

Hooray! I am finally back to a normal weekly update schedule (for now)!


Journal Entry #5!

Entry #5 is now available! We get to find out about the mysterious Captain. What lies in store for our protagonist? You'll just have to see! ;^)

New Alerts (that stick around until you close them)

I've created a new type of system message. System messages are the alerts at the top of the page that appear when your ibbit levels up in an activity, you receive a friend request, or similar. The cool thing about these new ones is that they stick around until you close them manually. The old type of system messages disappear after you leave the page so sometimes I miss them or only notice them as I am leaving the page which can be annoying. I haven't switched everything over to these new type of alert messages yet, but hopefully you will see what I mean soon!

Small Style Changes

If you are super observant you may have noticed that some of the form fields and buttons have changed very slightly. This is part of my ongoing project to create a CSS style library for ibbits so that everything is more consistent and easier to change across all pages. You'll probably see some more tweaks as time goes on!

README Manager

This probably isn't too exciting as I'm currently the only one who can see this new feature, but I created a manager for README type items (the journal entries, magazines, pamphlets, basically any item that you can "read"). This allows me to easily add...

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Journal Page #4 Glitch Fixed!

Hey everyone! The glitch with Journal Page #4 has been fixed and the item is now readable! I apologize for the delay, it's been a crazy couple of weeks! Things are starting to settle down and I'm starting to develop some sort of post-school schedule so expect some updates in the near future! :^) Additionally, if you have any more ideas for Spirit Hunt team names, please post them on this topic! I'll probably post up a poll with the suggestions for people to vote on towards the end of the month so get your ideas up there! The weirder the better! We have some good suggestions so far, I just want to make sure we have a good variety. Have a great weekend everyone! posted by heidi on Aug 14, 2020, 11:57 am 4 Comments

Loose Journal Page #4

Loose Journal Page

Journal entry #4 is now available for your ibbit to find! It seems as though the plot is starting to thicken! :o

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Weekly Check-in: July 26th, 2020

Hello! I apologize for missing last week's check-in. My program has kept me very busy! I actually only have two weeks left, which is both exciting and scary! I'm currently working on my final capstone project so I will be focused on that until August 7th which is my "graduation" of sorts. I am very glad that Brennan has been writing the Journal Entries so at least there is a small update each week while I finish up school!


Journal Entry #2 and #3!

Journal Entries #2 and #3 are now available for your ibbit to find! #2 was actually released last Sunday, I just forgot to post about it. :x The story is picking up a bit so make sure to keep your ibbit fed and visit the site often so that your ibbit will do some activities and possibly find the pages!

Journal Entry Duplication Fixed...?

I believe that I have fixed the glitch where ibbits were able to find two duplicate journal entries during one foraging activity. Each page is only supposed to be found once per user, so if you end up with two of the same again, please let me know! I removed the duplicates for any users that got multiples.

Projects in Progress

I unfortunately haven't made much progress on the Oekaki since the last update. However, it is still pretty close to being finished! After I complete my capstone in two weeks I'll make that my focus once again. It will be a fun project to work on while doing my job search.

Thank you!

I know I say this a lot, but thank you to everyone who is...

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