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Congratulations to Team Robot!


Spirit Hunt 2019 is officially over! Thank you so much to all who participated! Click here to claim your prizes. This year's winner is Team Robot with a total of 5,059 points! They took an early lead and couldn't be overtaken despite the devilish Team Demon's best efforts. Team Demon ended up with 3,750 by the end. View the 2019 Leaderboard here! Top individual scorers are listed below...
Spirit Hunt 2017 Winners
First Place 1st Ryan 1,841 points
Second Place 2nd Midnight 975 points
Third Place 3rd Brightinfinity 959 points
This year's hunt was smaller than normal, but was still a blast! There were lots of great conversations going on in the Spirit Hunt forums. The SpiriTech and the Spirit Storms were both introduced this year. Both turned out pretty well and I already have some ideas for expansions for next year! Now that the Hunt is over I am going to go back to working on the growth system and my secret project that I have been hinting at since last year. I had hoped to have a sneak preview available during the Spirit Hunt but I couldn't materialize it in time. Also, I haven't forgotten about the Script Jumbles! If you have any of those lying about, you're in luck as I hope to un-jumble them pretty soon! As always, thanks for playing ibbits and stay tuned~!
posted by heidi on Nov 3, 2019, 10:44 pm
The end of the hunt draws near!

We are in the last stretch of Spirit Hunt 2019! The Hunt will officially end tonight at 11:59 ibT. A huge Spirit Storm has descended on Bita City and it looks like it is predicted to last until the end of the Hunt so if you have any last spirits you wish to catch, now is the time! The winners will be announced on November 3rd and as usual some fun prizes will be given out. It isn't quite over yet though! Good luck to all you last minute Spirit Hunters!
posted by heidi on Oct 31, 2019, 6:53 pm
A Storm is Approaching!
The spirits have become restless as the end of October draws near! Huge swarms of spirits have been sighted floating above Bita City. People have dubbed them "Spirit Storms" due to how many seem to appear all at once. Everyone's SpiriTechs have been upgraded to sense when the next Storm will happen. When you are in a storm your SpiriTech's light will flash blue. During these storms spirits will show up much more often and in greater numbers. There may also be swarms, so keep a sharp eye! It may seem as though the winner of this year's Spirit Hunt has already been determined, but that may not necessarily be true! I have seen big turn-arounds before and once user can make all the difference! These storms may yet be a chance to turn the tide so to speak. We shall see! Happy Hunting everyone!
posted by heidi on Oct 27, 2019, 7:28 pm
Spirit Hunt 2019: Robots vs. Demons has begun!

Spirit Hunt 2019 has finally begun! This year will be a face off between the orderly robots and the chaotic demons! Click here to join the hunt and find out which team you are on! There are also special forum categories for each team. This year everyone will receive a SpiriTech, a special device that allows you to detect nearby spirits. When the light on the SpiriTech is green, Spirits have a chance to show up on the page. You can also use it to view your points and your team's points without switching to a different page. More features may be added to it as the hunt progresses, so let me know what you think!
Good luck to both teams! Let's make this an awesome Spirit Hunt everyone!

posted by heidi on Oct 10, 2019, 10:20 pm
Check out the new ibbits Devlog!
ibbits now has its very own developer log! I will be posting progress updates, sketches, and all sorts of fun stuff there so please check it out! The Devlog has its own comments system too! I explain my goals with it in the first post so I'll keep this news short and sweet for once. See you there and thank you for taking a look!
posted by heidi on Sep 29, 2019, 8:26 pm