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Farren gets a new look!
Farren the young (but talented) shopkeeper and blacksmith who works at Adventure Outpost has got a new look! (you may have to refresh the page to see it) I'd eventually like all the shopkeepers on Market Street to have their own images (not just versions of regular ibbit images) and Farren is the first to get a redraw. She also has a new objective/quest for you guys so visit her and check it out! In other Adventure Outpost related news, I believe that I've fixed the mineral refining glitch where you couldn't pick up previously refined minerals if you happened to drop off new ones before claiming the old ones. Let me know if you find any glitches with the system or with the new objective. Thanks everyone! :D
posted by heidi on Feb 6, 2015, 3:43 pm
Bittydough for sculpting ibbits!
There are some new supplies being sold at Craftster's! You can now buy red, blue, yellow, black, and white Bittydough for your ibbits to sculpt with! Buy a couple of tubs and see what happens! Even better, Bittydough can be reused, just as long as it doesn't dry out.
Having Bittydough being sold in shops should solve the problem that some of you were having where your ibbits wanted to sculpt but they didn't have any Sticks (which is an item that can only be found by exploring). More ibbit activity options will be added soon, so keep checking your ibbit's logs!
posted by heidi on Jan 28, 2015, 2:40 pm
Drawing and Sculpting are back!
ibbits can now draw and sculpt again! Everything works pretty much the same, though in addition to being able to use materials and tools in their inventory, if you own a house ibbits will have access to materials and tools that are in any unlocked room. I am planning on adding more crafts and activities soon, so keep an eye on your ibbit's logs! In addition, I have also adjusted the gathering script so that low level ibbits will be able to find more items. Let me know if you find any glitches or if you think the frequency or difficulty of certain activities needs to be changed. Thanks guys!
posted by heidi on Jan 25, 2015, 4:21 pm
Two ibbit activities are back up!
Go check it out! Your ibbits may have already done a few things! To see what activities your ibbits have done, just click on their icon on the sidebar and then click the "logs" tab. (I'm going to add a little icon for it soon) The two activities that I have added back are auto-eating and exploring. I'll go over those below.

We had this before, but the script was always glitchy so it almost never occurred. If your ibbits are hungry and they have food available then they will eat it. Food that is in their inventory or in an unlocked room in your house can be accessed by ibbits. Food in your backpack cannot be eaten by ibbits. ibbits tend to eat their favorite foods more often, but if they are truly starving (0% fullness value) than they will eat any edible item they can find, regardless of if they hate it or not. If they are only kind of hungry, then they may be picky and not eat anything, even if there is food available. Remember though, if you feed an ibbit yourself your ibbit will be happier since you are showing it affection, so you may not want your ibbit to always auto-eat. Also keep in mind that you may want to move any items that you don't want your ibbit to eat out of its inventory or if you own a house, out of the Main Room!

Exploring and Gathering!
The exploring and gathering activities have been completely re-done too. To start with, I have separated the exploring locations and the just for fun locations into two separate activities. So now going to the recreational locations (ex. the Museum, the Library, and Club Zott) is going to be a part of a whole different set of actions that an ibbit may do if it is bored. I haven't added those back yet, so I'll just talk about the new explore activities for now. Every time an ibbit decides to go exploring its skill goes up even if it isn't successful. The more it explores, the more interesting places it can travel to. Whether or not an ibbit actually finds any items at the location it is exploring is based upon its perception skill (how good it is at noticing things). The more items it finds, the higher its perception will be. A young ibbit may not find much when it is just starting out, but will quickly improve and find all kinds of things. There are some new items and new locations for exploring ibbits to discover, so this activity should be much more interesting than it was before.

Frequency of Activities
One major thing that I have changed is when and how often activities actually run. Each ibbit can do one activity per hour, but it will only do an activity if you have checked in on it recently. Additionally, an ibbit can only do a max of 12 actions at a time, so if you haven't logged in and checked on your ibbit in 2 days, rather than doing 48 actions at once it will only do 12. This is to prevent our database and server from getting overloaded with too many items/logs and should prevent many of the issues we had on Starbits Pets with the site going down because of too many connections. Each hour that an ibbit is asleep also counts as an activity, so keep that in mind. So, in theory, to get your ibbit to do the most activities possible you would need to check on your ibbit every 12 hours. Don't worry about that though as even users who only check the site every once and a while will still get the benefits of ibbit activities!

Coming Soon!
I'll be finished up with re-adding the crafting activities pretty soon, so that is something to look forward to. Let me know if you have any suggestions about how often activities run or any suggestions you may have about the current system. For now though, check the site often and see what your ibbit is up to!
posted by heidi on Jan 21, 2015, 2:20 pm
ibbits turns two!

That's right! ibbits opened for registration 2 years ago! Has it been that long already? In celebration, I have released two new badges, the Year-Old Citizen and 2-Year-Old Citizen badges. If you signed up two years ago today you'll get both badges. If you signed up later, don't worry, you'll still get the badges! You'll just have to wait until your 1 year and 2 year ibbits registration anniversaries. To get the badges, simply visit the home page while logged in. To get to the ibbits home page, simply click the \(ibbits)/ logo in the top left corner of the banner.
posted by heidi on Jan 6, 2015, 3:06 pm