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The Spirit Hunt has begun!

That's right! Bita's most memorable event of the year, the annual Spirit Hunt, has begun! For those who have never participated in a Spirit Hunt before, it was an event that we had on Starbits every year during October. Ghost Images, or "Spirits," float around the site and you must capture them using a special item. The more Spirits you send back to the datastream, the more points you get. There are a few types of Spirits, and some give more points than others. Each user is also assigned to one of four teams based upon their user ID number. The team that has the highest score at the end of the hunt will get special limited prizes! You can chat with other users of your team on the special Spirit Hunt forum category. Individual users who catch the most spirits will also get prizes as well. So what are you waiting for? Click here to start your Spirit Hunting adventure!
posted by heidi on Oct 21, 2013, 4:12 pm
The ibCast has been released!

Listen to the ibCast

The very first ibCast, or ibbits podcast, has been released! You can listen to it on our site or on our tumblr. Sorry it is a bit echo-y. Next time we'll record in a different room. Overall it turned out really well! It's a bit long...over an hour, but we wanted to anwer all your questions. Next time it will probably be a bit shorter. If your questions weren't answered this time around post in the ibCast sticky in the forums with your question and we'll answer it next week. You can also datagram heidi or taylor your questions. Enjoy everyone, and let us know what you think! This was really fun and we're looking forward to doing it again soon!

Music for the podcast: Travelling by Night - She
Dance of the Bubblebees - myst_saphyr & heidi
posted by heidi on Sep 22, 2013, 7:48 pm
ibCast - ibbits Podcast, post your questions!
Let us know what you want us to answer on this forum post. Taylor and I thought it might be fun to make a podcast where we answer some of your questions. The questions can be ibbits related or otherwise. We'd like a good mix of serious-ish questions and fun questions. So yeah! If you think of anything you've ever wanted to know just post it on that forum topic and we'll answer it on our podcast! Sounds like fun don't yout think?
posted by heidi on Sep 21, 2013, 8:32 pm
Item Selling Glitch Fixed
I fixed the glitch with selling multiple items back to the shops. You should now recieve the full amount when you sell items. If you want a refund for the items you sold just datagram me and I'll give you the bits. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvinience.
posted by heidi on Sep 19, 2013, 3:42 pm
ibEX - ibbits Item Exchange

Today we're unveiling a brand new feature, unseen in either Starbits or ibbits! It's called the ibbits Item Exchange, where you can trade sets of items with other users. Create a new trade, choose up to ten items, and then wait to see if any other users are interested. Other users will offer up potential options and if you like their offer you can accept it and the items will automatically be transfered between accounts. The only caveat is that if the item is a tool it can't have been used previously and foods cannot be partially eaten. This is a much better system than manually negotiating trades through sending the items through the Post Office. I know most of you are really trustworthy, but now you don't have to worry whether or not you'll acually get the stuff that you were trading for. Overall, I think it will be a pretty fun system. Try it out! Maybe you are wanting some sticks but you only have rocks. Make a trade! Try it out today!

Also, I'm working on a couple new ways for users to get some bits. Hopefully I'll get those done in the next couple of days. Until then all users are getting a boosted allowance. Enjoy!
posted by heidi on Sep 18, 2013, 11:19 pm