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A Not So Spooky Update

Hey guys, I figured the ghostlings could use a little love since their clothing options have been a bit lacking lately. Currently you can now purchase up to four different types of hats over at Kid's Clothing. There's the classic hood you're all familiar with, but now you can get a stylish cloche hat that comes in four colors, a cute cat hat, or even be a bit adventurous and don an explorer's hat to go along with our recent pet activities update. OH and I know this is a few months late but I figured the Ghostlings should probably be able to wear something from that MTAC 2013 event some of you may have attended. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy and please let us know in the forums or drop us a line at our tumblr. We'd love to hear from you all!
posted by Taylor on Sep 10, 2013, 9:35 pm
Level Up!

You can now finally use that exp that your ibbit has been gaining! I've finished coding levelling up up to level 4. Why not higher? Well, the system is pretty complicated, so I'm going to code them in batches. Each question affects your ibbit in a different way, and each is unique, which means that they have to be coded individually rather than the old system where it was a random question each time. There are also now fun little things called perks that give your ibbit special abilities. Every third level will allow you to choose a perk. For instance, the Daydreamer perk makes your ibbit more likely to make art, whilst the Child's Play perk allows your ibbit to not have to sleep as much. The Show and Tell perk lets your ibbit find one random (non rare) item every day. Each of these perks also affects its stats, so even if the Child's Play perk sounds super awesome, it may not make sense for an artistic ibbit. Also, every time you level up the amount of exp your ibbit will need to earn until the next level will increase. How much it increases depends on your ibbit's personality. Since I know that many ibbits have already earned more exp than it will take to get to level four I'll try to code one set every week. Let me know what you think of the new system! Taylor is also working on some things too so expect more updates in the future.
posted by heidi on Sep 10, 2013, 6:24 pm
Break those rocks open!

Now you guys know why the Rocks had such high item value! Some rocks contain minerals and other things which you can remove from the rocks by breaking them with a pickaxe. You can break the rocks yourself by having a pickaxe in your inventory, or your ibbit can do it as a pet activity. You can buy a pickaxe at the new shop Adventure Outpost. This is also where you can get your unrefined minerals processed into more valuable things. Refining costs 50 bits and takes an hour. You can then sell them for a good price or hang onto them for when craft projects for them are released. More minerals and adventure gear will be released in the future. Let me know what you think over at the forums! Enjoy!
posted by heidi on Sep 6, 2013, 6:17 pm
NOTICE: Ignore any weird food serving activity logs that took place today (9/5/2013) before 5:50 pm ibT. I was working on the system. Also, the servings for everyone's food items have been reset, since they were glitched. :D

Greetings! I think I have fixed (hopefully) the glitches with the food servings. Also, ibbit auto-feeding should now take place normally. Sorry it took me so long to fix these. Between moving, no internet, and pesky PHP variables they were tricky things to defeat! The next glitch to be fixed is the incorrect tool use number. This is pretty similar to food servings though so hopefully it won't take too long to figure out. Let me know if you find any food serving related glitches, or other glitches in general. Thanks! EDIT: I've fixed the tool use error as well! Hurrah!
posted by heidi on Sep 5, 2013, 5:17 pm
Sorry about the downtime
Hello! We're back! Sorry about the downtime, we were having some issues with our billing. Everything is back in order now. I've finished my move to a new apartment too so I should be back to being productive! Whilst I was in the process of moving and didn't have any internet I've been working on the species you guys voted for, the Tsuki. The child version is getting pretty close to being done, so you guys can expect to see it soon. I've also been working on some of those glitches with the pet activities, so hopefully I can sort those out. Anyway, let your buddies know we're back, and hope to see everyone back on the site soon!
posted by heidi on Sep 4, 2013, 1:54 pm