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Sidebar Pet Module!
Hey guys!

As you may have noticed, the green pet module now has an animated avatar for your pet you are currently travelling with. Each species have their respective avatars but for now we have a Kakin'eko and a Ghostling. Their moods affect how they act in their little green box. For example if they are tired, they may start to look a little sleepy, and if they're asleep they will actually be sleeping. More emotes are planned further down the road. The list of stats are not gone, you can still get a breakdown of their metrics by clicking on the "ibbits details" in the green box. We figured the list of stats seemed redundant if they can just show you how they're feeling. They will also be able to talk to you [currently they greet you when you log back in after being gone for a while]

That's all for now, off to work on the shops!
posted by Taylor on Apr 26, 2013, 5:48 pm
Add/Remove Clothing + Other things
I've been working on the item system recently and I wanted to share some of the new things you can do. Probably most exciting, you can now add/remove clothing items from your ibbit. Only the default (a.k.a. 'patched') clothing items and the MTAC shirt (Kakin'eko only) work at the moment, but we'll try to get all of the current clothing items working soon.

To remove clothing simply go to the shiny new 'ibbit details' page and scroll down to your ibbit's inventory. Then click on the item and go to the drop-down and select 'Remove Clothing.' To put clothes onto your ibbit go to your backpack and select the 'Give to' option. Now the item is in your ibbit's personal inventory. Go to the ibbit details page and select the 'Put on' option. Hopefully it isn't too cumbersome of a system, but if so I can always change it. We'll see how it works over time.

Another new thing (though not too exciting/useful as of yet) is you can now wake up or send your ibbits to bed. You may have noticed your ibbit automatically wakes up or goes to sleep depending on its rest level. You can now manually do this by going to the ibbit details page and scrolling to the bottom and clicking the wake/put to bed button.

I've been messing with the items system quite a bit so there are bound to be some random glitches and such. If a glitch is persisting for more than a day or so please datagram me or post it on the forums. If you find that an item cannot be removed from your ibbit, or if one of your items disappears it's probably a glitch so let me know. I'm going to be working on the main shops next so hopefully you guys will be able to get some fun items for your pets to wear very soon. Enjoy!
posted by heidi on Apr 20, 2013, 4:33 pm
ibbit adoption released!! 8D

That's right! You can now adopt your very own Ghostling or Kakin'eko! The system may still have a few bugs but we're working those out. If you find any please let me know on the forums. So far, there isn't much you can actually do with them...Their stats are currently fixed so you don't have to worry about feeding/playing with them until the item functions are finished. Also, they will not grow into adults until the item functions are finished so that you can get the full opportunity to influence them during their childhood stage.

For those of you waiting for the Time Machine so that you can get your old pets back, I'll probably release that after I know for sure that the new ibbits system is working. After all, it would be terrible if one of your beloved companions got glitched because of the new system. Expect more updates throughout the day as I enable more features, but for now please try it out! More species will be coming soon too in a couple of weeks so if Ghostlings and Kakin'eko aren't your thing we'll have some more species shortly. Anyway, please let us know what you think about the whole adoption process. If anything seems odd or confusing let us know and I'll see if I can fix it.

Whoo! This is so exciting. XD;;;
posted by heidi on Apr 7, 2013, 11:28 am
MTAC items + Backpack!

As you can probably see, there is a shiny new red button on the sidebar! This is your backpack (aka inventory) which will hold your items. In celebration of this event, I've finished up the MTAC promotional items as well. This year's convention theme was 'Devil's Dozen' so I've added a devilish spin to them. ;P For those of you who visited us during the convention you got a .README flyer with the promotion code on it. But because I'm feeling generous and want to spread the love I'll release it to everyone! The code is 'MTAC2013' and you can enter it to get your free items here. These items cannot do anything quite yet, but once I get the companions up in a day or so they'll have a use. Also, make sure you go to our tumblr and check out our MTAC photos! Taylor cosplayed as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who and helped us attract quite a bit of attention! We sold lots of buttons and a couple Kakin'eko plushies which we'll put up for online purchase soon. There are quite a few more photos of our MTAC booth that I will post soon, so please keep checking back. Once again, thanks to all who visited our promotion table at the convention, and everyone enjoy the first items released on the site! Stay tuned for more updates!
posted by heidi on Apr 2, 2013, 8:02 pm
ibbits DA Group!
Hey guys,

We started a DA group for ibbits
If anyone has any fan-art that they would like to share feel free to join us over on DeviantArt!
posted by Taylor on Mar 27, 2013, 10:32 am