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Sneak Peek: Miffy's Fresh Food Market
Hey guys,
just so you don't think we've been lazy, here's something else we've been working on in between the child and adult Kakin'eko updates.

Welcome to Miffy's. This is where you'll go to purchase items and food to feed your pets. The avatar that moves around the environment is planned to reflect whatever ibbits is currently traveling with you. I'll update more on this mechanic but for now I just wanted you all to see what direction we were headed this Spring.
posted by Taylor on Mar 19, 2013, 8:33 pm
Adult Kakin'eko!!

Hey gang,

It’s finally here! The male and female have slight differences. In terms of basic body shape, the men have broader shoulders, more puffed out chest, larger arms, and a more squared off jaw. Females have more rounded hips, long eyelashes, thinner arms, and softer cheeks.

Like lions the males are the ones who typically have any sort of hair on their heads. Displayed at the top of this post is the short hair tuft from his youth. You could consider it the equivalent of peach fuzz for human teenagers! Many prefer to grow theirs out to much longer lengths. The longer the hair the more ‘manly’ fellow Kakin’eko consider you, though the more hip urban-going Kakin’eko prefer more feminine, tightly-managed hairstyles.
The females have not been left out! Because the females don’t usually have hair to express themselves, they instead they have face paint/make-up they put on their fur to further define their individuality or cultural values. Below I have one proposed make-up variation, though I’m not committed to it so if folks aren’t exactly thrilled with the more African inspired variations then we can toss those out. There will of course be more subtle variations for the more metropolitan girls!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison between what a child Kakin’eko looks like and what he could potentially grow up to be. When you adopt your new Kakin’eko they will come with a default name. You can change this default name before you finalize adoption/creation, but this can be helpful if you’re having a hard time deciding on what you name your new pal. The default names are randomly generated based on the lore-friendly kakindi language. You might encounter the name “Kinteita” which breaks down into the words kintei[flickering] and ta[tail]. Another name could be Shinbo which is composed of the words shin[bright] and bo[nose]. Sometimes you’ll see words for boy and girl are “ke” and “ko” and brother and sister are “ken” and “kon” respectively at the ends of their names.

**Note your very first pet will already be at the child stage. All other pets beyond your first one will begin at the infant stage. We figured it would be way too hard to start off with an infant as your first pet because infants are particularly needy and less productive than their mature counterparts.
posted by Taylor on Mar 16, 2013, 10:42 pm
ibbits is going to MTAC! (and other news)

That's the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention for those who aren't familiar with it. Taylor and I are setting up a promotion table this year where we'll be giving away and selling merchandise and generally getting the word out about the site. For those of you who aren't familiar with these sorts of events, basically it is a three day long convention focused on anime, Japan, video games, and and all sorts of fun stuff. There are lots of really interesting panels, several events (ramen eating contest, rave, etc.), anime/movie screenings, cosplay contests, video game rooms...the list is pretty endless. It's basically like a Spring Break party for geeks of all types. So if you live anywhere even remotely close to the Nashville area you should definitely consider coming. One-day tickets are currently about $20. It would be super cool to meet some of you guys in person, but if not hopefully we can spread the word about ibbits and get some more momentum. Hope to see you there! :D

In other site related news, progress with the scripts is coming along great! I have the 'ibtalk' system working finally...That's what I've been calling the system that formulates responses and phrases depending on an ibbit's personality. That was a doozy to plan you don't want a pet to say weird things like "Sup. ...oh sorry, I'm just a bit shy. You can call me [name] the Magnificent!!" It's hard to make sure that their speech is consistent, so I'm ecstatic that it appears to be working without too much of a hitch.

Adult Kakin'eko images are done, I just need to draw the clothes. The 'create first ibbit' scripts are also almost done now that I have the ibtalk working. Overall, progress is great! I'm hoping to get the basic stuff up by MTAC so that we actually have something to promote. :'D Also, keep those forums active! It's really great to hear feedback from you guys! I'll try to post more frequent news so that you can get a play-by-play of the site progress every day. I might post some more polls/site opinion things soon so stay tuned!
posted by heidi on Feb 27, 2013, 3:58 pm
Javascript/HTML5 test game
Hey guys! Heidi's currently working on clothes for the adult Kakin'eko. In the mean time, I figured I would show you all something I made while on a slow day at work.

Zikklefruit Test Game

*It probably won't work on mobile browsers, as it requires arrow keys to work!*

I was listening to the Mojam Humble Bundle livestream all yesterday and felt inspired to make something myself. If you haven't heard of Mojam, it's a quick 3 day jam session where various indie-game developers each work to make a quick game. You might liken it to a charrette

Anyways, the above game is the result of me poking around with html5 and JavaScript. Ideally, we would like navigation of the world to be more interactive, and the best way to make that work is with html5's canvas element. The zikklefruit game is in no way representative of how ibbits will eventually look or function, but at least we have began the first step to exploring that process.

posted by Taylor on Feb 23, 2013, 12:05 pm
Sneak Peek: Kakin'eko Child
Hey guys!

This post is going to be a little long but bear with me. Today we’re showing you a few possible Kakin’eko you will be able to get when we transition into beta.

The Kakin’eko are a little different from their previous iterations. For inspiration, I really wanted to look back the very first Kakin’eko to get a good feel of what made them so appealing. Heidi found this one in a mislabeled zipped file! ;P Its the first official artwork from OPG Starbits (operation pet game).

Over time the Kakineko seemed to get more and more quadrupedal with each new iteration but it started out as a biped. We figured it might be nice to have more bipeds this time around so the Kakin’eko were a natural choice. One thing you may have noticed is the spelling is a little different. In Kakin’di (the Kakin’eko language), “ka” means crag “kin” means flame, and “eko” means people (or tribe.) It roughly translates to “flames of the crag.” The reason we separated the eko from the kakin portion is because there are other tribes out there with distinct differences in visuals and culture. (which you may eventually get to meet!) :O

The Kakin’eko tribe lives in the craggy mountainous area West of Bita. They are a nomads for most of the year so their clothing reflects that lifestyle. Most Kakin’eko are jewelers or blacksmiths due to the ever useful flame at the end of their tail. Therefore their economy is reliant on trading with other species.

Here are some more variations you can get:

There are several different base color variations, 6 current eye colors, and if you’re lucky yours may come with its own set of ear tufts. :asif: We also plan to implement some markings though Heidi had done a few but decided she didn’t like them. This is the child version, but once they become adults there will be quite a few differences between male and female individuals. We’ll post more on that later. (they’re almost done!) Also, by default all Kakin’ekos will wear some form of underwear, just didn’t feel quite right to let them run around naked. :/

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and feel free to let us know what you think over on the forums!

posted by Taylor on Feb 17, 2013, 5:06 pm