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Birthday Stuff + A couple little things
Hello everyone! In celebration of my birthday today (and all future birthdays this year) I have made a script that will give you a free slice of virtual birthday cake! Simply login on your birthday to receive it! In other news, anybody who has been a member of ibbits for three years will now get a 3-Year Old Citizen badge as well.

Also, a couple people have already noticed this, but you now can more easily squish Bittydough Blob Creatures. If you have more than one that can be squished in your current room you should see a button to squish the next one as well. Should make your lives a bit easier! Enjoy guys, and expect some fun larger updates soon!
posted by heidi on Jun 28, 2016, 7:00 pm
Spirit Hunt 2015 prizes are available! Congrats to the Pupkins!

The Spirit Hunt 2015 prizes are finally available! Click here to claim them! Sorry these were so delayed...better late than never I suppose. Congratulations to Team Pupkin for winning the hunt with a total of 12,528 points! The Dillokins put forth a valiant effort with 12,005 points. It was a close call, but eventually the Pupkins prevailed! I've listed the top 3 individual winners of the Spirit Hunt below:

Spirit Hunt 2015 Winners
First Place 1st ojdaye 6,161 points
Second Place 2nd Ryan 5,183 points
Third Place 3rd Smith 2,872 points
For more detailed stats on this year's hunt and to see where you stand click here! Thanks for being patient you guys! As you'll be able to tell when you claim your prizes, I have some mysterious things in store, so stay tuned!


I've added a few new emote codes for you all to use on the forums! Check it out!
posted by heidi on Jun 22, 2016, 7:18 pm
Expect an Update Soon!!
Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know to expect an update very soon! I am currently working on getting the Spirit Hunt 2015 prizes finished up, as well as some other fun updates. I've had some ongoing health problems for the past few months that were preventing me from working on the site. In addition, I've also had limited access to the internet at times. Fortunately, I'm on the mend and I should be able to resume updates (thank goodness)! Thanks to those of you who have stuck around! I really appreciate all your support throughout the years! If there are any glitches or issues that have popped up that I have missed feel free to send me a datagram to let me know. Thanks, and stay tuned~!
posted by heidi on Jun 14, 2016, 12:05 pm
Spirit Hunt 2015 has ended!
Spirit Hunt 2015: Dillokin vs. Pupkin has ended! Thanks to everyone who participated! We had a great turn out this year. Congratulations to Team Pupkin for their win! It was very close the whole time, but the Pupkins were able to pull ahead today. For everyone searching for the "claim my prizes" link, there are still a couple prizes I am working on, so stop back by tomorrow (err...I guess it is already tomorrow, but you know what I mean ;P) to claim your rewards for all the effort you went through. There will be some cool stuff this year so don't forget! Thanks again guys~!
posted by heidi on Nov 14, 2015, 11:08 pm
Pupkin and Dillokin Hoodies from the Program Witch!
You can now finally do something with those notes that you've been collecting throughout the Spirit Hunt. Trade in some notes to get these spiffy new Pupkin and Dillokin hoodies! To trade some notes, just visit Deide the Program Witch's "shop" or just click here. She'll only take Deide's Notes that are in your backpack by the way! Sorry it took me so long to get these released...I had many issues with layering clothing, but I think it is all sorted out! Let me know if you have any issues with anything. I plan to release a few more goodies before the Spirit Hunt ends, so make sure to check back! Enjoy guys~!

Quick Addition:

I added a couple more "prizes" that you can trade notes for. If you have a ton of notes and want to stock up on some food you can trade your notes for some Pupkin Biscuits or Pumpkin Splatterings. ;D
posted by heidi on Nov 13, 2015, 8:10 pm