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Weekly Check-in: July 5th, 2020

Hi everyone! I apologize that I didn't post an check-in last week, I had a lot of events as well as school things happening all at once. Not too much to report this week, unfortunately. As I move into the final month of my school program things are getting busier. I'll try to work on things as much as I can though! Here is what I've been up to the past weeks.


Updated E-mail Activation This won't really make a difference to people that are already registered but I updated the way that e-mail activation codes are sent out. The updated method is more secure so hopefully our system e-mails won't get caught in spam filters as often. If anyone has any free time to help test this by signing up for a new account with an extra e-mail address I'd really appreciate it! If you do this just send me a datagram to let me know if everything works or if you had any issues activating your e-mail. I might have a little prize I can give out for those who help! :^)

Projects in Process

Oekaki I've completed the image cloning feature that I've been working on! I think you all will enjoy it. Basically it will allow users to make a copy of another user's image (if they have the option enabled) and modify it. It should be fun for templates, recolors, and other things! The last larger features that I want to finish before the Oekaki goes live are image tags and image search/filters.

New .READMEs Some new .READMEs are in the works that will expand upon the lore of Bita. These...

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posted by heidi on Jul 5, 2020, 9:06 pm
Weekly Check-in: June 21st, 2020

Happy Sunday everyone! This week I've been focusing on some behind-the-scenes things, but I'm making good progress on some of my larger projects! Here's a summary of updates from this week...


Brushflowers! There are three new types of flowers for your ibbits to find! Check out this news post to learn more!

New Glitch Topics and Debugger Hall of Fame I've added new forum topics for posting minor glitches and misspellings. If you notice an issue just post one of those topics and I will try to address it as soon as possible! If you help uncover a glitch I will add your name to the Debugger Hall of Fame topic! I may give out badges for those who help uncover bugs as well, so if you find anything, please let me know!

Shortened Page URLs You may have noticed that page URLs no longer have the .php extension which makes them a bit cleaner. So now you can go to instead of having to go to Pretty nifty! If you notice any issues where pages are linking incorrectly, just post on the Minor Issues and Glitches topic and I will take care of it.

Projects in Process

Oekaki I'm progressing well on the Oekaki and am still on schedule to get it finished in the next week or so. I am currently working on image search, the layout of the gallery pages, and a couple other minor features.

Layout Updates I've been playing with a "new" layout with updated navigation. I'm hoping to create something that loads faster, is more...

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posted by heidi on Jun 21, 2020, 9:10 pm
Some Summery Flowers

blue brushflower red brushflower yellow brushflower

A new type of flower has been spotted growing in the sunny fields around Bita City! The brushflower isn't edible, but it's only a matter of time before some creative ibbit figures out a use for the vibrant petals. For now, I recommend holding onto them! They also can be sold to Craftster's if you end up with too many.

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy first day of summer! It's been a while since we've had any new items. These flowers are just one step towards a new feature that I hope to add soon! I best you guys can guess part of it, but the other half will probably be a surprise. ;D Enjoy your weekend everyone!

posted by heidi on Jun 21, 2020, 12:16 am
Weekly Check-in: June 14th, 2020

Hi everyone! It's been a while! I just wanted to provide a quick update as I've been working on the site quite a bit lately. :^) Many of the changes have been behind-the-scenes but they should add up to some cool things eventually. I'm going to attempt to do a weekly check-in to summarize all the changes I make to the site, big and small. I'll also document any updates to any major works-in-progress that I have going on. I think that will add some more transparency as well as allow you guys to provide feedback along the way. Without any further ado, let's begin!


6/14 New News Page! As you may have noticed, the news page looks a bit different! I decided to use the same system that I created for the devlog for the news page as well. I actually combined the two and added new features to both. Here are some of the new features...

  • News Comments You can now comment on news posts! The comment system uses the same nesting feature that I used for the devlog. Hopefully this will encourage more comments as you no longer need to go to a different page :^)
  • News Sidebar There is a new sidebar which you can use to filter news posts or view recent entries. This will show on the bottom of the page for mobile users.
  • Tags News and devlog posts now have tags! You can filter posts by tag if you so desire.
  • Switch between News and Devlog PostsThe news and devlog posts can now be viewed on the same page. If you want to filter by only news or only devlog posts you can...
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posted by heidi on Jun 14, 2020, 9:36 pm